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Biting Insects
  1. Black fly - (Simuliidae) - aka buffalo gnat
    • These are horrible, tiny, black, biting flies. They are fierce daytime biting flies and from what I've read (online anyway) seem to be everywhere in the world! They can make outdoor life miserable late spring through fall in my area in Fallbrook, especially in late afternoon. Their bites leave itchy sore welts that can last for days
  2. Chigger - (trombicula alfreddugesi) - aka chiggers
    • Chiggers are insidious, they may be worse than the buffalo gnats - with the buffalo gnat you know right away when you've been bitten and you can see them circling you trying to get in a bite. You can't see chiggers and you can be happily walking around for a couple of hours before noticing the symptoms. Chiggers are mites that inject a digestive fluid containing enzymes that cause skin cells to rupture. The fluids from the skin cells are then consumed as food. The injected enzymes cause the skin to become red, swollen and itchy. The itch may last for several days and will persist even after the chigger has detached from the skin.