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lunularia cruciata

crescent cup liverwort - not native
asterella californica

native liverwort
Contributor: Chris, Moss Geek Feb 2018

castilleja densiflora

purple owl's clover
castilleja exserta

purple owl's clover
Contributor: Tom Chester Jan 2010

chaemaesyce albomarginata

rattlesnake spurge, sand mat
chaemaesyce polycarpa

small seeded spurge or smallseed sandmat
Contributor: Tom Chester Jan 2010

carduss pycnocephalus

italian thistle
cirsium vulgare

bull thistle
Contributor: Tom Chester

roundish involucre instead of the cylindric involucre of italian thistle
Mar 2011

Previously unidentified

funaria hygrometrica

bonfie moss or common cord-moss
Contributor: Chris, Moss Geek Feb 2018

erynnis funeralis moth

funereal duskywing
erynnis funeralis butterfly

Contributor: Bruce Newhouse

the duskywings are butterflies, not moths
Aug 2018

ceratina acantha

small carpenter bee
lasioglossum subgenus dialictus

small sweat bee
Contributor: James Hung Jan 2013

lotus micranthus

miniature lotus
lotus strigosus

strigose bird's-foot trefoil
Contributor: Tom Chester Jan 2010

malacothamnus densiflorus

malacothamnus fasciculatus

Contributor: Tom Chester Jan 2010

nicotiana attenuata

coyote tobacco
nicotiana glauca

tree tobacco

Not Native, moderately Invasive
Contributor: Evan Brown Dec 2010

cryptantha circumscissa

cushion cryptantha


Contributor: Tom Chester

Plant is commonly mistaken for cryptantha, a close up of the seeds is needed to identify the species of pectocarya. At least three species are vouchered from Fallbrook - p. linearis, p. heterocarpa, p.penicillata. Simpson's site is is the best one to use to try to identify your plants:
Mar 2011

phacelia minor
or parryi

phacelia minor

Contributor: Tom Chester

In the fire followers photos - phacelia minor or parryi - looks like p. minor, pretty sure I can see corolla tubes which fits only p. minor
Mar 2011

phacelia ramosissima

branching phacelia
phacelia cicutaria

caterpillar phacelia
Contributor: Tom Chester

Your phacelia ramosissima pix are of two species - the 5/19/2009 pix look like p. ramosissima, but the 4/29/2010 pix are p. cicutaria - note the very hispid calyces and the big beautiful flowers
Mar 2011

phacelia cicutaria var hispida

caterpillar phacelia
phacelia ramosissima var. latifolia

branching phacelia
Contributor: Tom Chester Jan 2010

quercus wislizenii

scrub live oak
quercus agrifolia

california live oak or coast live oak
Contributor: Tom Chester Jan 2010

solanum douglasii

douglas nightshade
solanum americanum

american black nightshade or white nightshade

Not Native
Contributor: Tom Chester Jan 2010

agoseris grandiflora

sonchus oleraceus

common sow thistle or sow thistle

Not Native and Invasive
Contributor: Evan Brown Dec 2010

stephanomeria diegensis

San Diego wreath plant
stephanomeria exigua ssp. deanei

Dean's stephanomeria or Deane's wirelettuce
Contributor: Tom Chester

Info on Tom Chester's site on: identifying stephanomeria exigua ssp. deanei

Mar 2010

rhus trilobata

basketbush or skunkbush
toxicodendron diversilobum

poison oak
Contributor: Tom Chester Jan 2010

*Identifying the Plants
Many thanks to Tom Chester, Evan Brown, James Hung and all the others for corrections - I really appreciate that!

Please note that contributing a correction does not imply an endorsement of the accuracy of other identifications on this website, any error is solely my responsibility and does not reflect on any other source - I've made every effort to be as accurate as possible but as you can see I make mistakes :)

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