photo from the gallery of native plants and wildflowers

What IS That Plant?
I started the site for my own amusement (and education!) when I started putting names to the huge variety of plants that were repopulating my property after the scorched earth of the 2007 wildfires. Doing another website is no big deal for me - so this is a great way for me to keep track of the plants I've identified, plus it's fun!

Native Plant Locations
Most of the native plant photos were taken near the Santa Margarita River and the 500 foot trail.

Identifying the Plants
I've made every effort to be as accurate as possible, but I make mistakes so... I don't guarantee the accuracy of any of the information found on this website. If you see an error please point it out to me and I will gladly correct it.

Scientific and Common Names
The scientific and common plant names are mostly as identified in that great little resource book "San Diego County Native Plants" 2nd Edition, by James Lightner. If Calflora or the Jepson manual treatment (online resources) included more or different common names I added those to the photo captions.

Describing the Plants
This site is not intended to provide botanical info, just the scientific and common names and what the plant looks like. There are plenty of great books and official resources for plant botany. You can easily look up a plant as long as you know what it is called.

Plant photo picture size
If you are not a botanist and just want to answer the question "What IS that Plant?", then a big picture is better. I like big thumbnails and big pictures.

Updates to the Native Plant list and gallery
So many plants, so little time... With the large chaparral plants out of the picture for the next few years the variety of plants and wildflowers now growing in this little area is amazing. I add to or update the native plant galleries whenever piqued by that question "What IS that Plant?"

After all...knowing is everything

Use of the Photos
Please feel free to use my photos for any non-commercial use as long as the image is clearly credited, citing Rebecca Snyder and
©Rebecca Snyder

For higher resolution images or commercial use please contact me

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