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What IS that plant?
How many times have you asked that question when hiking along a trail? One of the ways to start is with a picture or guidebook of plants that are found in that area. If you're in the Fallbrook area, you are in luck - this collection is only of plants in this area.

Native Plant and Wildflower Gallery
Weed Mariposa Lily
Calochortus Weedii

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About the Photo Gallery of Native Plants
Most of the native plants in the photos can be seen along the Santa Margarita River trail. The list of plants and corresponding photos can be selected by scientific name, common name, or even more fun... by plant type and family name. For new stuff see the page on Updates and Additions.

Recent updates:
Eastwood Manzanita leaf growing from roots after the wildfires
Re-population after the 2007 wildfire
Top 10 Fire Followers..more>>
Some plants with the largest numbers are very appealing, and some like sumac aren't. Here's my top 10 list of the most and least appealing plants of 2009 and what gets my vote for the weirdest, the coolest and the most surprising wildflowers of 2008. The 2008 April and June slideshows are snapshots of what was growing in those months after the fire.
Santa Margarita River trail in Fallbrook beneath canopy of oaks
Santa Margarita River Trail
The trail follows the river from Sandia Creek Drive north of Fallbrook through oak woodlands, chaparral and areas burned by the wildfires. Trail Hike 1 includes the 500 foot trail loop. Trail Hike 2 includes the north river trail loop.

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